Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Earn When you Buy, Earn when somebody else does

I have just discovered this, so I am rushing it to you. I want to get this out to you and I am going to 'cut the bull'!

It's taken me a lot of research to find this product! You can earn when you buy products, & usually from places you would normally buy from anyway, including 'Amazon' etc., all you do, is order from your own personalized website (when you sign up).

When people sign up from your website, you then earn more money! so simple!

I am not even going to waffle on because the info on the site speaks for itself! 

Having studied Internet Marketing for many years & checked out hundreds of websites, I ended up just scrolling down to the price because I have better things to do than read pages and pages of info!

This business is different! Simple to set up, you simply sign up & your customized website is there immediately.

Of course, the thing I like best - no joining fee, no money up front and, as I said - you are only ordering things you would be buying anyway.

You can also earn points towards income just by checking out some of the sites and expressing an interest.

So, over to you! You have nothing to lose by taking a look, but everything to gain....You can thank me later!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Metabolism Overdrive

Hot off the press!

Do you know your Anabolism from your Catabolism!

Well I certainly did not until I read Jane's book.

It is with disbelief that I noticed this is the first affiliate product that I have put on my blog in nearly 1 year. Frankly, there is so much about at the moment, there is no guarantee of their genuiness and I have been at a loss at what to bring you next.

I have prided myself, in the past, of only bringing you products where I have built up a long term relationship with the marketers concerned.

This time, I can guarantee the person and the product. Let me assure you that this book is brand new and Jane has only just finished writing it.

I met Jane at the entrepreneurs bootcamp in Bournemouth, UK, over 2 years ago and we have been supporting each other ever since. In fact, my own true depression experience book The Truth About Depression and How You Can Beat It, is dedicated to Jane (see my other blog). This follows my own journey and was researched and written to help you, with each chapter interspersed with what was happening in my life.

Anyway, I digress - going back to Jane's book! I knew she was on to a winner as soon as I read it (all 71 packed pages).

I thought I was doing everything right. I go to the gym, I eat healthily, and do some sort of exercise each day (including 300 ab crunches on gym days). Nothing was shifting the weight off my stomach - difficult enough to shift as it is after having twins.

Feeling utterly demoralised, I was wondering if it was worth all the effort. My only consolation was that (besides my stomach!) I was getting toned elsewhere and exercise is supposed to release natural endorphins (feel good chemicals), and so helping my ongoing stress.

Jane's book Metabolism Overdrive has literally changed my life!

  • You get to read exactly how your metabolism works and Jane dispells any myths! Learn how to use it to your advantage - Jane shows you how. The Medical Dictionary defines the process as being '....the whole range of biochemical processes that occur within us (or any living organism). Metabolism consists both of the building up and breaking down of substances'.

  • Learn about food labels and how they can be misleading

  • Anabolism & Catabolism and what exactly this means

  • How to get the best out of exercise - with interval training. This was really useful for me

  • Metabolism and weight loss

  • Calories and energy - this was a real eye opener for me

  • Little known tips, techniques & strategies for boosting your metabolism

  • Read of the main thing that negatively influences metabolism, as I had found out for myself

  • The facts about sleep starvation - and Jane's tips

  • How your time of the month, ladies, is not necessarily a bad thing!

  • The best times and amounts, to eat - and all about protein and carbs

  • The Truth about diet pills

This is just a sample - so if you want to read all about what you can expect, click the link below, it will probably be one of the best things that you ever do.



Bonnies Affiliate Marketing Solution